Sunday, February 25, 2018

World Wonders Concert Photos

From our concertmaster, Heather Wilhelm:

I enjoy playing with the Orchestra of Southern Utah so much! I'm happy to have the opportunity to learn more about music and performing, expand my repertoire, and improve my violin playing skills. I love that I can give something to my community as we perform and seek opportunities to involve community members. It has been interesting to learn more about how a group like ours runs, from where funding comes from to how repertoire is chosen. But perhaps one of my favorite things about it is the people. It's amazing how music brings us together, and how it gives us an opportunity to get to know each other as we work to make music together. While it can certainly be stressful for me trying to prepare music when my practice time is very limited, the sense of fulfillment it gives me is worth it!

Photos from OSU Musicians and their families: 

Poetry readers from Canyon View High at dress rehearsal
Poetry readers at the end of the concert.

OSU President Harold Shirley with Diane Shirley and OSU Manager Emily Hepworth before the concert.

Red Rock Singers gathering before the concert downstairs
Singers in the lobby organized by Jackie Riddle-Jackson with pianist Jana Dettamanti

Larry Life and Steve Swift record the OSU concerts.

Southern Utah String Quartet warming up before the concert.

Violins performing at concert.
Final bows with Conductor Carylee Zwang recognizing the musicians.

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