Saturday, November 21, 2015

Spanish Trail Car Tour and Chuck Wagon Dinner

Thanks to Col. Al Matheson for leading the Car Tour and arranging for the Chuck Wagon Dinner and wagon rides in conjunction with our Oct. performance of the "Spanish Trail Suite" by Marshall McDonald and Steven Sharp Nelson.

Thanks to Spencer and Kay Bowman for the wagon rides and wonderful Chuck Wagon Dinner and to all involved. To contact Bowman and Company for wagon rides and meals, (435) 590-1300.

Col. Al Matheson gives overview of  the Trail in Iron County.

The group started at "Squaw's Cave" which has a tragic history of a Paiute woman and her child trying to evade capture into slavery.  The location for the trail is at 400 E. 820 S. near the water tank.

Next the tour headed to Enoch.  Photo looks west over Cedar Valley near Enoch.

Near Old Enoch on street after old church and after Ravine Drive.  Marker and blast furnace near Enoch pump house.

Petroglyphs are on hill to north of pump house.

Looking past monument.

View of valley from blast furnace.

Thanks to Al Matheson for photo overlooking valley.
Spanish Trail marker at old Enoch church, now a home.

Wagon tracks preserved near the Eonch Old School Library on Midvalley Road.

Josh and Marin Colby at the markers near the Enoch Old School Library.

OSU Musician Matthew refurbished the 1915 photos and markers of the Old Spanish Trail. More info:

Thanks to Al Matheson for the group photo near Enoch Library.

Thanks to Al Matheson for photo at chuck wagon dinner.

Spencer and Kay Bowman have "The Barn" near the original Iron Springs encampment site along the Spanish Trail.  To arrange dinners and wagon rides, contact Spencer at 435-590-1300.  

John and Dorie Gurney brought their 1950 Dodge along for the tour.

Near Iron Springs

Surrey at the Bowman's "Barn"

Wagon rides at "The Barn".

Links on Spanish Trail Suite:

accesses the video enhancement and composer interviews.
If you want to do those separately:
Composer and conductor interviews:
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Sunrise with video enhancement:

(filmed out near Three Peaks.)

OSUyoutube channel link

Old Spanish Trail

Old Spanish Trail

Other trails, most originally tribal trails which became wagon routes and now many are highways.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Photos from "Rhythm of Sibelius" Thanks to Pam Gilbert

LuAnne Brown gets the orchestra tuned and ready for the concert.

Debbie Jackson recording a musical high point for upcoming Messiah display.

OSU President Harold Shirley 

OSU Education Director Melissa Leavitt implements the VIP program for 4th graders thanks to financial support from the Beverly Sorenson Legacy Fund.

Larry Life and Steven Swift record the concerts.

Sarah Sun provided preconcert lobby music.

Emily and Aaron Bradley create lobby displays to showcase OSU trophies and set evening theme.

Guest soloist Xinwen Fu with OSU Music Director and Conductor Xun Sun.
Backstage preparations for concert. 

Xinwen Fu's parents were able to attend the concert from China.

Harold Shirley introduces the music.
Heritage Center ushers volunteer their time to help OSU.

Sampling of OSU concert patrons.  Thanks for coming.

Guest soloist Xinwen Fu after Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra

Xun Sun recognizes OSU musicians.

End of a very successful concert.   Thanks to all involved.

More information and listening links:

Program at

Concert CDs and DVDs available, recorded by Steve Swift and Larry Life.
Order form: