Friday, March 14, 2014

Thanks to Boyd Redington for Jubilee 2014 Photos

Jubilee 2014 Photos

Thanks to everyone involved in making the Children's Jubilee "Where Dreams are Born" a memorable family afternoon.  The silent movie theme was well received and we appreciate the creativity of the artists and scientists in helping explore the music and movies.  We especially appreciate the financial support of Color Country Pediatrics, RAP (Recreation, Arts, and Parks), and other donors who help us make this fun family afternoon of music, science, and art possible.
OSU Presisdent Harold Shirley gets in the 20s mood and Jacqualine  Grant provided a fun bird science dance activity.
OSU Board Secretary Laura Lee and Debbie Jackson, OSU French horn,
with a suit worn by Ruth Marx,  Groucho Marx' first wife.

Larry Linn (Past OSU Treasurer), Brooke MacNaughton (OSU Board Member), Ruth Leavitt, and Steven Swift.

Gateway Preparatory Academy had fun instruments and a display from the Artful Orchestra.
Jason Gottfried played marimba.

SUU Elementary Education students provided several hands-on art projects.

SUU science students provided science projects related to the movies.

Jolene Heit brought instruments from Cedar Music Store and the children loved experimenting.

The physics of collisions was a hit.

Two of the wonderful SUU student volunteers took a moment to be stars.

Kate Grandison did movie makeup so the children could see how horror  movie injuries are created with no pain.

Matt Dodgion helped with physics demonstrations.

Families saw how still photos become moving images

SUU Animal Ambassadors were a hit again this year.

Dr. Tom Herb and SUU music students let students string instruments.

The Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History had a fun project where the children imitated
the dancing of a birds while seeing a video.

Professional photographer Boyd Redington helps the students understand one of the science tables.

Charlie Dodgion helps get the OSU display case ready for the Jubilee.

OSU violist Joseph Arnell does double duty as a science helper  with the SUU science project on circuits.

The costume area included a mink coat for a bit of movie glamour.

Part of the set up team.  The movie banners were made by South Elementary students.

Tom Herb's daughter enjoyed the hats in the costume area.