Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Xun Sun Guest Conducts Ukranian Orchestra

OSU Music Director Xun Sun on Ukrainian Performance on Feb. 24, 2018:

The orchestra I went to conduct is the Khmelnisky Regional Philharmonic of Ukraine ( like the Utah Symphony in Utah state). The event was the IX International Music Festival with musicians coming from 8 countries for a total 12 concerts. I was the only conductor who came from the United States of America and I conducted the opening concert. The event was broadcast on the major local media and on television. The program included Lysenko's Overture to Taras Bulba from a well known Ukrainian Opera, Schubert Symphony No. 8 " Unfinished Symphony", Schumann Piano Concerto and we also played some American music: the Hoe Down by Copland. This was the first time the orchestra had play this piece and the audience loved it so much. 

The musicians are very disciplined and played extremely well, they worked hard and were well prepared. Even though I do not speak the Ukrainian language I had no problem communicating with the musicians because music is a universal language. The people treated me so warmly and friendly. Though the weather was not good with snow every day we worked together and were very happy and excited for this performance. I appreciated this great opportunity to see this country and to share my music with the Ukrainian people.  I also shared with them great things about my hometown of Cedar City in Southern Utah and they really respected that.  It is absolutely meaningful to my life, I want to thank the music director Alexander Dragan and the members of the Khmenitsky Philharmonic for this experience.  

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