Monday, September 14, 2015

Call for Artwork for 75th Performance of "Messiah" in Cedar City

Artists are invited to create a suitable piece of art for the posters and programs for this season's performance of Handel's "Messiah".  This will be the diamond anniversary marking the 75th orchestra and chorale presentation in Cedar City.  The Orchestra of Southern Utah and Chorale presents this holiday masterpiece on Dec. 13 and 14 at the Heritage Center under the direction of Jackie-Riddle Jackson with sponsorship of State Bank of Southern Utah and the Leavitt Group.

Artwork due Oct. 15 to  The successful entrant will receive a $50 stipend.

The artwork takes up about one third of a 24”wide x 36” high finished piece.  If the artwork is on physical media it should be a maximum of 11 x 17 so it can be scanned to a high resolution digital file.  If the media is larger we will need a high resolution photograph.  Art created in Photoshop would need the file at 300 dpi and flattened.  Illustrator (or other vector software) should be created so it can be scaled to the finished size.  You may contact graphic artist Rollan Fell at email or 435-865-0444 if there are any questions on format.

Focus on one part of the story such as the shepherds, wise men, angels, or family.
It could also be more abstract such as stars or glorious color evocative of the music's message.

Reference Posters:
Below are some of our favorites.
Sometimes we use existing art and sometimes the graphic designer creates a unique design.  

We are excited about using original art for this special performance.

2014 poster designed by Rollan Fell

"Song of the Angels" by William Bouguereau was our plan for 2015, 
but the art gallery which owns the original was unable to share.

2010 Poster

2012 Poster

2013 Poster

2007 Poster

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

19th Annual Recital Series: Photos by Pam Gilbert and OSU Musicians + CD/DVD Order Form

Notable Fusions, Sept. 1, 2015, Recital directed by Sara Penny

Thanks to the Heritage Center usher Narcie Secrist and OSU Manager Emily Hepworth for their help with the recital.

Detail of lute

Dr. Roland Stearns performed lute on the first recital. 
Saltarello by Vincenzo Galilei video:
Thanks to the wonderful Heritage Center technical crew for their help and patience, Brandon Stone and Jerry Mixman.

Aaron Lindsay, Stage Manager with Frank Stearns, Sound Engineer

Thanks to Blate and Pam Minkler for assisting with OSU this season.

OSU violinist Emily and her husband Aaron Bradley have been a big help with OSU.

H. Roice Nelson performed original songs on the first recital.

OSU President Harold Shirley set the stage for a mix of scientists and music for Sept. 1, 2015.

Leah Brown warms up for a lovely Borodin "Nocturne"

Geologist Gary Player performed for the first recital
Southern Utah String Quartet at pre-recital performance in Braithwaite Art Gallery:
Sara Penny, Suzanne Stewart, Ling Yu, and Leah Brown.
Randy Allen played piano for the trumpet piece.

Ethan, Julie, and Emma Griffin shared the "Garden Song"
Jackie Riddle-Jackson, Pete Akins, and Teresa Redd performed a Schubert piece.

"Common Ground" with Sara and Des Penny and Jim Howells shared Celtic and popular music.

20th Century Favorites, Sept. 8, 2015, directed by Suzanne Tegland

Clark Leslie performed music by Gordon Lightfoot

Candice Behrmann, flute, and Caroline Jennings, piano performed

Christian Bohnenstengel and David Bolsover performed music by Jobim, Brubeck, and Morgan

Our wonderful OSU patrons make all of the work worthwhile.

Larry Life and Steve Swift work on the recordings
Olivia Rylan, vocalist for Wilhelm 

Rollan Fell, graphic designer & Sara Penny, OSU administrative assistant 

Mason Cottam and David Bolsover backstage

Wilhelm performs

Long Live the Music!... a musical toast!!! directed by
Sally Hunter Jensen, Sept. 8

Sally Hunter and Angie Vanscoyk performed a selection from "Wicked" with Harry Taylor at the piano

Julia C. Tawa shared two songs, including an original piece.

Cassie Walker on bass with Carylee Zwang on drums.

Verse 2 featured Callie Bassett, Milla Johnson and Heather Shurtleff on vocals.

Harry Taylor played "Chariots of Fire"

Gerry Kelsey and Ron Zemanek 



Red Rock Singers directed by Keith Bradshaw

Southern Utah Handbell Choir directed by Donna McNabb

Close up of handbells by Pam Gilbert.

Celebration of the Wizz 25th Anniversary as recital sponsor.

Come Fly With Me, Sept. 22, directed by Jackie Riddle-Jackson

Raylayna Amy sang "A Pastoral" by Veracini

Mary Anne Andersen played piano for violinist Marin Colby.

Jack and Halle Vickers chose a fun piano duet.

  "In Jubilo" Jackie Riddle-Jackson director with Teresa Redd, pianist, and director Melissa Leavitt

"In Jubilo" performance included Soundings: Listen at 

Christian Bohnenstengal performed an improvisation on "Come Fly with Me"

Village Voices directed by Danny Hansen

Suzanne Tegland sang "Bali Hai" from South Pacific with Teresa Redd on the piano and Carylee Zwang on the drum.

"Fairy Dust" recital, Sept. 29 directed by Emily Hepworth

OSU President Harold Shirley introduces the final recital for season.

Melissa Leavitt conducts the Southern Utah Children's Choir with Kendra Leavitt, pianist

Adrienne Read played flute for the recital.

David Sun performed piano.

Sarah Sun played a piece by Liszt

Holly and Lauren Barrick sang.

Kari Jensen played piano for the Barrick vocalists.
Jack Vickers played piano for the final recital.

Blake and Pam Minkler hosted the cookie social.

CD/DVD Order Form

Recordings are $15 per CD and $25 per DVD including postage and tax.
Please make checks payable to OSU and mail this form with your payment to:
Orchestra of Southern Utah
Attn: Emily Hepworth
P.O. Box 312
Cedar City, UT 84721
or call Emily Hepworth with credit card #: 435-233-8213
City, State & Zip:__________________________________

Fall Recital Series - September ____, 2015

CD Quantity:__ x $15

DVD Quantity:__ x $25
Recitals recorded by Steven Swift and Larry Life.