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Fall Recital Finale on Sept. 25: Lines of Lineage

OSU September 25th Recital Themed “Lines of Lineage”
By Tanisa Crosby

            This September has been a success of talent and good music, as the Orchestra of Southern Utah’s Recital Series draws to a close.    The last Tuesday Recital will take place on September 25th, at 7:30 p.m. at the new location 21eleven (located on 2111 North Main),
            The theme for this evening is “Lines of Lineage” and the music will be structured around look back at ancestry.  The recital will begin with the group In Jubilo, a Women’s Chorus group.  In 2001, Jackie Riddle-Jackson had a dream of starting a group for women to sing together in Cedar City.  The group began in 2002, with 12 members and has since grown to include approximately 60 women.  The group is a leader among community based women’s choirs in Utah.  “In Jubilo is known for adventurous programing and a consistently high standard of performance”, says Riddle-Jackson, conductor of the chorus group.  “We’re teenagers and elders; artists, engineers, retirees, grad students and mothers.  Some of us are lifelong or professional musicians; for others, this is the first opportunity since college to sing with a women’s chorus.”  They will be accompanied by pianist Teresa Redd and will be sing songs such as Lineage by Andrea Ramsey and Shake the Papaya Down, arr. Melissa Leavitt
            Following In Jubilo will be Cellist Nina Hansen.  Nina Hansen recently returned to Cedar City after living in Chengdu, China for two years teaching English, music, art, and American Culture in schools throughout the area.  Cedar became home back in 1983 where she began her teaching career at Cedar Middle School.  Nina studied cello from the late Roger Drinkall, Daniel Gaisford, Jim Hardy, and Ellen Bridger.  She will be performing “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserable and “Colors of the Wind” from Walt Disney’s Pocahontas by Alan Menken and will be joined for Tina Calamity, who will be playing drum, and accompanied by Teresa Redd.
            Bonnie Nielson, soprano, will also perform a selection of pieces during the concert.  She is a singer and actor who studied music at Snow College and is currently studying theatre at SUU.  She will perform Scarlett Ribbons by Harry Belafonte and Tell My Father by Frank Wildhorn.  She will also perform Danny Boy Arr. Weatherly. She will be accompanied by Jana Dettamanti.  Violinist Lindsey Szczesny will perform Concerto in D Major, 2nd Movement by Tchaikovsky and will be accompanied by Brian Chan, a new SUU accompanist.
            Recitals take place every Tuesday in September @ 7:30 p.m. at 21eleven (2111 North Main).  Suggested donation is 8 for adults and $5 for students.  For more information contact OSU Manager Rebekah Hughes at (435)592-6051 or
For Calendars:
Every Tuesday in September at 7:30 pm
21eleven:  2111 N. Main
Suggested Donation- $8 Adults and $5 Students.

More information: (435) 592-6051 or

Program for OSU Recital Series
September 25th 2018
“Lines of Lineage”

Lineage……………Andrea Ramsey
Shake the Papaya Down………….Arr. Melissa Leavitt
In Jubilo
 Teresa Redd, Pianist

Colors of the Wind……….Alan Menken, Lyrics Stephen Schwartz         Walt Disney’s  Pocahontas
Nina Hansen,  Cello
Tina Calamity, Drum
Teresa Redd, Pianist

Scarlett Ribbons………Harry Belafonte
Tell My Father…………Frank Wildhorn
Bonnie Nielsen, Soprano
Jana Dettamanti, Pianist

Concerto in D Major, 2nd movement
Canzonetta by Tchaikovsky
Lindsey Szczesny, Violin
Brian Chan, Pianist

Bring Him Home………………Claude-Michael Schonberg
Nina Hansen, Cello
Teresa Redd, Pianist

High Flight……Karen Linford Robinson
Poem by, Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee Jr,
In Jubilo
Teresa, Pianist
Danny Boy……….Arr. Weatherly, The Celtic Women
Bonnie Nielson, Soprano
Pianist, Jana Dettamanti

Will the Circle Be Unbroken……….Traditional Appalachian
In Jubilo
Pianist, Teresa Redd

More information on performers:
Bonnie Nielson
Bonnie Nielson is a singer and an actor. She studied music at SNOW College and is currently studying Theatre at SUU.  Bonnie has performed with groups and as a soloist across the country. Bonnie Believes that because of music nobody is alone. We are all notes in one big coloratura; wholes, halves, quarter notes. Music connects us with people we know and people we don’t. It connects us to our loved ones who have passed and those who will be, it celebrates our lineage.  

In Jubilo

In Jubilo provides community service through singing

In Jubilo
In 2001, Jackie Riddle-Jackson and LuWenn Jones had a dream of starting a women’s chorus here in Cedar City, UT. For Christmas that year, a local LDS group of 12 women had prepared a concert for their local Stake, and then the following February, several additional women joined the group to perform for a women’s conference. With the expertise of Jackie as the music director, the group began to grow from there. 

The winter of 2002 was the official beginning of In Jubilo. There are now approximately 60 women who dedicate their time to the chorale every season, with several who have been with the group since it began.  

In Jubilo is a leader among community-based women’s choruses in Utah; known for adventurous programming and a consistently high standard of performance. Our performances reveal the beautifully blended sound of an all-female chorus as an instrument in its own right, whose repertoire provides a deeply satisfying and complete musical experience for performers and audience alike.

We’re teenagers and elders; artists, engineers, retirees, grad students and mothers. Some of us are lifelong or professional musicians; for others, In Jubilo has provided the first opportunity since college to sing with a women’s chorus. What we have in common is our love of singing, our joy in one another’s company, and our dedication to sharing our unique repertoire with the public.

In Jubilo’s name means ‘of joy’ or ‘with joy’, and it is a most apt name; as they bring joy to everyone who hears their music. The ladies of In Jubilo are very happy to be a part of the wonderful arts community in Cedar City, and look forward to many more exciting choral seasons to come.

Nina Hansen, OSU cellist

Nina performing at Artisans during a Final Friday Art Walk

Nina Hansen
1. Bring Him Home from Les Miserables. Music by Claude-Michel Schonberg   Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer and Alain Boublil  Arranged by Al van der beek, jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson.   (I chose this for lines of lineage because I feel we are all trying to bring somebody home by doing our family history and I played it for my dad's funeral. 
2. Colors of the Wind from Walt Disney's Pocahontas. Music by Alan Menken  Lyrics by stephen Schwartz.    I chose this even though it is a little cheesy because  my 13th great grandmother on my mothers side was a cousin to Pocohontas. She was from the Powhatan tribe. I always hoped I had some native American in me and this connection was just recently discovered by my mother. The relation comes from her Paternal Grandmother. 
Teresa Redd will be my accompanist with Tina Calamity on Native American flute.

Bio: Nina Hansen recently returned to Cedar City after 2 years living in Chengdu, China where she taught English, music, art and American Culture in schools throughout Chengdu.  She is the Director of ESL Summer camps in Cedar City and teaches cello at SUU. Nina is the Principal Cellist for the Orchestra of Southern Utah and runs a private cello studio in her home. Cedar City became home to Nina in 1983 where she began her teaching career at Cedar Middle School (now a parking lot) as the Iron County Swimming teacher, diving coach and teaching 8th grade Health. Nina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education/Health, received her Masters of Education at SUU and is certified in TESOL. She is the mother of two boys and one daughter in law. Family, cello, the arts, nature, sports and natural health are her passions. Nina has studied cello with the late Roger Drinkall, Daniel Gaisford, Jim Hardy and Ellen Bridger. 

Lindsay Fife Szczesny grew up in Enoch, Utah as a young violinist in the Cedar City Suzuki Strings program. Her parents, Boyd and Carol Fife, supported her growth as a young musician throughout childhood and into college. In 2003, Lindsay graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Music Education and has gone on to teach private violin and viola lessons since then. She directs the Suzuki Strings orchestra and plays in the Orchestra of Southern Utah and Southern Utah String Quartet. She is currently the treasurer for the Cedar City Arts Council and is earning a Business Certificate at Southwest Applied Technical College. Lindsay, an avid hiker, is married to Stan Szczesny and they have five children.

Solo Auditions for Handel's Messiah on Sept. 27

Orchestra of Southern Utah Announces Messiah Soloist Auditions
By Tanisa Crosby
       On September 27th at 6:00 pm in the grand lobby of the Heritage Center, 105 N 100 E in Cedar City, Utah (located behind Lins), the Orchestra of Southern Utah (OSU) is excited to announce that they will be holding soloist auditions for the 2018 Messiah concert.  The Orchestra and Chorale tradition in the Cedar City performing this cherished work is a holiday event that is held dear within the community and amongst OSU and its members. To perform alongside the Orchestra as a featured soloist in this renowned work is an opportunity not to be missed.
The Orchestra will be looking for talented vocalists, those soloists who would like to be considered should be prepared to sing one full aria or air from Messiah, and  sixteen bars of other piece[s] they wish to be considered for. This will be a juried audition; a panel of judges will listen and adjudicate all those auditioning. Soloists will  be heard between the hours of 6 – 8:00 pm on Thursday September 27th. Piano accompanist will be available to play for all those who are auditioning. No audition appointment is needed.
Messiah chorale rehearsals will begin on October 14th from 7-9 pm at the Rock Church, located on 75 E Center Street.  They will be held every Sunday, including Thanksgiving weekend. Soloists are expected to also sing with the Chorale. The Messiah score that we use is the Novello version. If you don't have one, you can purchase one at Cedar Music Store. Please invite new people to come participate. 
For more information on what pieces to prepare for the audition please visit  For questions about auditions please contact Jackie Riddle-Jackson, or  Southern Utah Chorale <>
Sponsors for this community concert are State Bank of Southern Utah and the Leavitt Group.

Solo repertoire for this season:
5 Thus Saith the Lord, Recitative (Bass/Baritone)
6 But Who May Abide, Air (Bass/Baritone)
8 Behold, a Virgin Shall Conceive, Recitative (Alto)
14 There were Shepherds, And Lo! The Angel of the Lord, Recitative (Soprano)
15 And the Angel said unto Them, Recitative (Soprano)
16 And Suddenly, Recitative (Soprano)
18 Rejoice Greatly, Air (Soprano)
19 Then Shall the Eyes of the Blind, Recitative (Alto)
20 He Shall Feed His Flock, Air (Alto)
23 He Was Despised, with cut, Air (Alto)
31 He Was Cut Off Out of the Land of the Living, Recitative (Tenor)
32 But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul in Hell, Air (Tenor)
34 Unto Which of the Angels, Recitative (Tenor)
36 Thou Art Gone Up On High, Air (Bass/Baritone)
47 Behold, I Tell you a Mystery, Recitative (Bass/Baritone)
48 The Trumpet Shall Sound, Air, (Bass/Baritone & Trumpet)
49 Then Shall Be Brought to Pass, Recitative, (Alto)
50 O Death, Where is Thy Sting, Duet, (Alto/Tenor)

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"Musical Menu" Recital on Sept. 18

Musical Treats for September 18th Recital
By Tanisa Crosby
            The Recital Series is a long running tradition with the Orchestra of Southern Utah.  On September 18th, at 7:30 p.m. music ranges from ragtime and musicals to jazz at the new location 21eleven (located on 2111 North Main), with another set of talent will perform for the evening.
            Before the recital, at 6 p.m., The Knights of Columbus will be offering a pre-recital supper.  Reservations for this dinner can be made by calling OSU Manager Rebekah Hughes (435-592-6051) by Sept. 17th so they can plan accordingly or email  The supper will consist of hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, beans, and chips.  The cost will be $6 for adults and $4 for children 12 and under.  Beverages will be available at 21eleven venue.
            The Musical Menu recital starts at 7:30 pm with the Southern Utah String Quartet, who has provided community music for twenty-six years.  Lindsay Szczesny and Suzanne Stewart will be on violin, Leah Brown on cello, and Sara Penny on viola.  All of them are active string teachers and perform with the Orchestra of Southern Utah.  They will be playing The Prayer by Foster and Sager and Pineapple Rag by Scott Joplin.
            Joseph Costello, guitarist, will then perform Op. 51 No. 1 Barcarolle & No. 3 Rondoletto by Napoleon Coste. He received his first guitar at the age of 13 and taught himself to read from a method book and played bass in his high school band.  He went on to study guitar and has a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Guitar Performance and Pedagogy from Arizona State.  Retired from the Army he now teaches music at Milford High School. 
Cedar City native Julia Tawa presents an original song, Smooth Gold as well as a piece by Bob Marley. She sings and plays guitar now, but has also performed extensively as a dancer.
            Cedar Music Children’s Chorus will perform a selection of pieces about food, including a piece from the musical Oliver entitled “Food, Glorious Food”.  They are under the direction of Jolene Heit of Cedar Music Stores and Studios. 
They will be followed by the MB3 Jazz Quartet , featuring David Bolsover on Saxophone, Christian Bohnenstengel on piano, Trekker Burt on electric bass, and Shawn Owens on drums.  They will be performing pieces by Horace Silver, Sister Sadie and Peace, and a piece by Dizzy Gillespie and Manteca by Luciano Pozo.
            The evening will commence with a performance by Sally Hunter (vocalist) and Harry Taylor (piano).  They will perform Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree and I’ll Be Seeing You.  Jensen is a proud Cedar City native and business owner of The Wizz, a retail store.  She is in the graduate of Southern Utah University in the Arts Administration Program.  Taylor is a popular pianist and leads the Color Country Winds.  He has extensive experience performing with church and community groups.
            These recitals take place every Tuesday in September at 7:30 p.m. The suggested donation is $8 for adults and $5 for students.  For more information contact OSU Manager Rebekah Hughes at (435)592-6051 or
Suggested Donation- $8 Adults and $5 Students.

More information: (435) 592-6051 or

September 18, 2018    Musical Menu

The Prayer  ………..Foster and Sager                                                              
Pineapple Rag  …………Scott Joplin    
Southern Utah String Quartet        
Op. 51 No. 1 Barcarolle & No. 3 Rondoletto ………Napoleon Coste (1805-1883)
Joseph Costello, guitar
War.………  Bob Marley and the Wailers
Smooth Gold…. Julia Tawa
Julia Tawa, vocal and guitar                                        

His Cheeseburger by Nawrocki and  Heinecke
On Top of Spaghetti by Tom Glazier
Food, Glorious Food from Oliver by Lionel Bart
Cedar Music Children’s Chorus

Sister Sadie …..Horace Silver
Peace…..Horace Silver
Manteca…..Dizzy Gillespie and Luciano Pozo
       MB3 Jazz Quartet
       David Bolsover, saxophones; Christian Bohnenstengel, piano; Trekker Burt, electric bass; Shawn Owens, drums 

Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree
I’ll Be Seeing You
      Sally Hunter, vocal
      Harry Taylor, piano


Joseph Costello 

At age 13 he received his first guitar. He taught himself to read from a method book and played bass in a high school band (Hanau American High School, Germany). At the age of 18, on his senior trip he went to Spain and a friend bought him a Spanish (classical) guitar. With another method book he began to dabble with this new instrument. At age 20 he was encouraged to study the instrument with greater intensity. It was during this time that he fell in love with 19th century guitar music and developed a desire to learn more about music, so he moved from Germany to Cedar City, Utah and was accepted into the Southern Utah State College as music student. However there was not a classical guitar teacher, and so ultimately he ended up with a general music degree and took private lessons from Todd Woodbury in Salt Lake City, Utah. Still Joseph studied method books on his own. In 1990 He was accepted to the Arizona State University and for the first time took weekly private lessons from the celebrated guitar teacher Frank Koonce. In 1993, he earned his Master’s degree in Guitar Performance and Pedagogy. In 2005, he earned his Doctorate of Musical Arts degree in Guitar Performance.
Several years ago Joe performed a concerto by Mauro Giuliani with the Kanab Civic Orchestra. He has performed as a soloist and in ensembles for more than 20 years. After retiring from the Army, Joe performed a solo recital at the St. George Tabernacle in March of 2016. 
Joseph began teaching privately in 1985 in Cedar City. He taught a group guitar class in 1989 at SUSC.  In Mesa, AZ, he continued to keep a full private teaching studio, as well as teach at Paradise Valley Community College, New School for the Arts (Arts High School), ASU Guitar Prep Program as the director and instructor, and Artistic Director at Rosie’s House: A Music academy for children. Currently, Joe lives in Minersville, Utah and the music teacher at Milford High School. 

Cedar City native Julia Tawa grew up around the performing arts, yet avoided the spotlight as much as possible. Dance was her first art of choice because it usually involved a group of other dancers by her side. It wasn't until her late teens that she began singing original acoustic songs for an audience. She discovered that the moment she made the choice to broadcast her individual talents, opportunities to perform at various local venues offered her a stage. OSU has welcomed her to the annual fall concert series for the past few years.

MB3 Jazz Quartet 

 David Bolsover plays sax, writes tunes, and leads the group. Christian Bohnenstengel plays keyboard; he is also the piano professor at SUU. Sean Owens plays drums. Trekker Burt plays electric bass; he is a student at SUU and plays in several bands in the Cedar City area. The group plays bebop, standards, funk, ballads, blues, and Afro-Cuban styles.   All have extensive performance experience.
(David Bolsover on sax, Christian Bohnenstengel on keyboard, Trekker Burt on bass, and Sean Owens on drums.) 
The Southern Utah String Quartet 
has provided community music for 26 years.  Lindsay Szczesny and Suzanne Stewart play violin, Leah Brown on cello, and Sara Penny on viola.  All are active string teachers.  All perform with the Orchestra of Southern Utah.
Sally Hunter, 
proud Cedar City native, business owner or The Wizz, a retail store, and graduate student, currently in the Southern Utah University Arts Administration program, finds it absolutely necessary to find time to perform and chair the OSU fall concerts and has been involved as a performer for many years.

The Cedar Music Children’s Chorus is under the direction of Jolene Heit of Cedar Music Stores and Studios.  She has been instrumental in early childhood education and piano teaching for over 40 years.  

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22nd Recital Series Begins Tuesday with Musical Memories

New performing space at 21eleven
Join the musical adventures at our 22nd Annual Recital Series, starting Tuesday, Sept. 4 at a new location:  2111 North Main.  Suzanne Tegland directs the first recital with a romp through the past designed for your entertainment.  Suggested donation is $8 adults and $5 students.
Head north on Main Street
Turn left at Lighthouse, True Life, 21eleven signs
Go to north of restaurant
Hooray you found the new recital location.

Sept. 4 program
Musical Memories
Don’t Stop Believin’ … Steve Perry, Neal Schon, and Jonathan Cain
Hit Me with Your Best Shot … Eddie Schwartz
The 8eez
Tamara Reber, vocals • Stan Szczesny, guitar • Lance Bassett, bass
Lindsay Szczesny, keyboard • Carylee Zwang, drums

Not My Father's Son, from Kinky Boots...Cynthia Lauper, arr. Stephen Oreumus
Matthew Prince, vocal
Suzanne Tegland, piano

Make You Feel My Love … Bob Dylan
Heather Allen

Desperado … Don Henley & Glenn Frey
Benjamin Dowse

With You, from Ghost The Musical …Glen Ballard, David Allan Stewart, and Bruce Joel Rubin
Corlissa Jensen, vocal
Brandon Scott Grayson, piano 

Return to Pooh Corner ……Kenny Loggins
Vanessa Hunt and Jeff Hunt

It’s Quiet Uptown, from THE HAMILTON MIXTAPE …Lin-Manuel Miranda
Tamara Reber

Medley … compiled by Mikelle Dowse
Mikelle Dowse

Love, Me …Skip Ewing and Max T. Barnes
Matthew Prince

New Words, from In the Beginning
Cassie Walker

Beat It … Michael Jackson
Alone …Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly
Livin’ on a Prayer … Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and Desmond Child
The 8eez
Tamara Reber, vocals • Stan Szczesny, guitar • Lance Bassett, bass
Lindsay Szczesny, keyboard • Carylee Zwang, drums

Performer Information:
New band featuring music from the 80s.

Heather Allen

Heather Allen
Heather is a happy mother to three exuberant kids ages 10, 8, and 6. In her spare time she runs
the local BBQ shop, dances, sings, travels, and participates in triathlons as much as possible.
Her favorite role, other than mom, has been Ado Annie in “Oklahoma”.
Performance Photo

Benjamin Dowse
Benjamin Dowse is a local pediatrician, who loves to perform and play. Last year he played Bill
Sykes in the Cedar Valley Community Theater production of "Oliver!", in which he learned that
he doesn't love being an evil murderer but does still love the stage and performing. Most
recently he played Adolphus in CVCT’s production of The Drowsy Chaperone.

Benjamin Dowse

Mikelle Dowse

Mikelle Dowse
Mikelle is a singer/songwripassion for music
and enjoys sharing her passion with others. She plays piano and ukulele, and loves to sing. She
enjoys the songwriting process and recently released her first EP entitled My Disguise. She has
been involved with both the Cedar Valley Community Theater and the Parowan Community
Theater. She and her husband, Ben, have four sweet children, one loving dog, and several
chickens. They enjoy their life here in Southern Utah.

Vanessa Hunt
Vanessa Hunt
Vanessa Hunt has been performing in one form or another most of her life. She grew up in Price, Utah where she found a love for performing at a very young age, singing in community
talent shows and Christmas events and dancing with the Nonstop Dance Company. However, it wasn’t until she moved to Cedar City that she discovered her love for live theatre. She has been
a part of four productions with Cedar Valley Community Theatre, most recently playing Trix the Aviatrix in The Drowsy Chaperone. She previously performed with them in The King and I, The
Wedding Singer, and Oliver! In addition, she performed in Parowan Community Theater’s production of Something’s Afoot. Vanessa graduated from Southern Utah University in 2012 and now works as the Lead Editor for a local magazine. She also currently serves as Secretary for The Guild of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

Jeff Hunt
Jeff Hunt
Jeff Hunt is a guest to the musical community in Cedar City, bringing his talents to the stage to sing with his daughter, Vanessa. When she was growing up in Price, Utah, they had many opportunities to perform together in local talent shows and events. Jeff has performed in his
local community productions of Hello, Dolly! and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. In the past, he has sung with the Layton Interfaith Choir and also had the chance to sing the National Anthem at the State Republican Convention and the Castle Valley Pageant. Jeff loves to sing and perform whenever he has the chance, and he is excited for this opportunity to once again perform with his daughter.

Corlissa Jensen
Corlissa Jensen
Hailing from Pleasant Grove, Utah, Miss Jensen was trained to sing and teach Speech Level Styles (pop, R&B, etc.) prior to attending college. She also attended Southern Utah University for her bachelor’s degree and added on a year to receive her master’s degree as well. Her degrees are in Vocal Performance and Music Technology respectively. Miss Jensen has competed and placed in multiple collegiate competitions but has since chosen to focus less on competitions and more on performance, audio engineering, and education of others. Miss Jensen, and her business partner Rebecca Parkinson, recently started Spark Music Studios to bring music education into the community and are truly enjoying teaching what they love.

Tamara Reber 
Tamara Reber
Tamara is a singer/performer, except when she’s busy running her own business as a personal trainer, teaching voice lessons, or working with her husband to raise their TEN children. Tamara studied performance at both Utah State University and Southern Utah University. After raising her family, Tamara returned to the stage in 2015 as Adelaide in Cedar Valley Community Theatre’s Guys+Dolls, showcased her versatility as Linda in The Wedding Singer, as The
Queen in Once Upon a Mattress, as Lillian in Cheaper by the Dozen, and in her most recent role as the title character in The Drowsy Chaperone. Tamara also recently made her debut as musical director in Parowan Community Theater’s production of Something’s Afoot.